Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 5th World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress Dubai, UAE.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Shabir Momin, Singapore

Keynote: Data mining, context creation which lead to sale

Time : 08:45 - 09:25

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Shabir Momin became the youngest CTO, he was also awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by TIE. He has had a successful track record in various technology and business positions at a CXO level for few years before he became an entrepreneur. He has sold few ventures in the past and his current ventures that he has founded and co-founded are ZengaTV, one of the leading OTT services in India, OneDigital Entertainment Largest, a Digital content company in India, He is a successful Entrepreneur and a professional with an excellent track record in technology innovation, especially in the digital media and convergence technology. In the past, he has been the Head of Asia for a technology innovation company called Picsel Technologies (UK) and Sentac Inc. (USA). He has also been CEO Asia for I-Connect Inc., a US based MNC, an operation comprising more than 9000 employees working out of the Asia Pacific region.


The world is evolving faster than we know. Brands communication and sales approach are changing and now becoming more driven by data mined, predictive and AI-based decision making. Gut calls will still be there but would be taking a back seat. While the data-driven market is growing exponentially, brands these days are not yet using the data-driven information to do the predictive sale. The Deep analysis can also be used for decision making strategy to do right positioning among its competition. The data-driven ecosystem will grow manifold in the near future resulting in the data explosion. With this, brands use the data for better outcomes if used strategically through predictive analytics which helps to understand the business insights. The challenge which the brands face is that they do not know which data to collect and how to analyze the collected data. A lot of brands are facing the same issue. It is a matter of utmost importance for any business survive first and then drive its growth, therefore it is necessary to build the right data science strategy through collecting the right data along with the right analysis to build the expected business ecosystem to get the best results.

Keynote Forum

Anu Kukar

KPMG, Australia

Keynote: Risk management as you go for implementing emerging technologies AI, RPA & ML

Time : 9:25 - 10:05

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Anu helps organizations reduce the cost of effective risk management through:

  • Applying data, digital and emerging technologies for better risk outcomes
  • Integrating a RiskLens on emerging technology and transformation initiatives such as: AI, Machine Learning, RPA, IoT, Cyber, XTechs, Vx, Chatbots etc.
  • Equipping Risk Teams with new skills, behaviour and mindsets for tomorrow and the future

Anu brings 18 years of experience across Risk & Compliance management, Internal Audit, Governance, Regulatory, Management Consulting and Tax. She has also worked across many industries: Insurance, Bank, Government, Corporates, Manufacturing, Energy and Telecommunications. She is also a global speaker and has spoken at conferences in Dubai, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand, India and Australia. Anu is a graduate from Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), a Chartered Accountant (ICAANZ) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Information Systems (UNSW). Certifications from HarvardX in Cyber & Data risk management, MIT in Artificial Intelligence (ML, RPA, NLP)


Help! My Bot is not listening to me.  Can a Bot be risky? Can a Bot be non-compliant? Can a Bot be governed?

Whether you are choosing the business process, undertaking a proof of concept or piloting for RPA- are you making the most common GRRC mistake? Having set up a project team ensuring project risks are managed is usually done by everyone. Then there is identifying the new risks arising from RPA such as reputational risks, impact on employees, increased cyber risk, privacy and security etc. This is usually considered as part of the business case and project implementation. Managing risk during the change, such as undertaking RPA implementation, can often lead to elements of the risk and compliance management framework being overlooked or forgotten. Imagine your implementing your RPA project and forget to ensure your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) reflects the change in staff and the requirements to support your bots which have not been implemented. Your workforce composition and location has no doubt changed and so will your business requirements. Or take the vendor or strategic alliances agreements you have entered into to deliver this project and support the business in meeting their strategy, objectives and servicing their customer needs. Have you notified the regulator if it is a material provider? What about the contract arrangements, SLA’s, cybersecurity how they will be monitored to ensure reputational, operational, strategic, compliance risks are appropriately managed. Assessing the impact and implementing changes to all the impacted components of the risk and compliance management framework can save lots of unwanted headache financially and non-financially! The element of good governance and commercial risk management is often overlooked, left too late or the team is fatigued out by the 3 mentioned components-

(1) Project risk management
(2) Identifying new risks and
(3) Managing risk during change

What is equally if not the critical component of GRRC management in implementing RPA is considered it at each of the stages choosing the process, proof of concept, pilot, implementation, and post-implementation. Hear, see and learn practical ways to integrate and consider GRRC into the relevant stage of your RPA journey and ensure your bot is listening to you!

Break: Networking and Refreshments Break along with Group Photo @10:05 - 10:30

Keynote Forum

Mahmoud Moussa

Microsoft, UAE

Keynote: Search the world like you search the web (computer vision and object detection)

Time : 10:30 - 11:10

OMICS International Machine Learning 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Mahmoud Moussa photo

Mahmoud Moussa, is a Cloud Solution Architect for Big Data and AI in Microsoft, with Middleeast and Africa Coverage. 16 Years of Experience in the field of Data and a variety of Business Markets Bridging the Technology and Business is the key focus


The world is Getting Smarter, Imagine you can search your physical World same way you search the web, With the Advances of Artifical Intelligence and Cameras we Currently have, People can look for objects, People the same way we search the internet. From a factories to hospitals the technology can provide a great help into tune the life we have and make us do things more efficient, Object Detection is tightly coupled with Object Tracker and not just identifying Objects but also tracking them, during this talk we will discuss the different algorithms and market trends in both object detection and object tracker and some real-life examples to apply the technology to business solutions. The 30 minutes talk  will discuss the different algorisms and techniques that can help both developers and data scientist understand the best fit for each in building business solutions

Algorithms discussed

  • YOLO
  • Tensorflow Object Detection
  • MobileNet
  • Mask R CNN
  • BOOSTING Tracker
  • MIL Tracker
  • KCF Tracker (Kernelized Correlation Filters)
  • CRSY Tracker

With the help of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services can help developers with a limited Machine learning and Artifical Intelligence Knowledge build cutting-edge solutions that cover lots of the use cases in the business with a minimal amount of coding and reach an outstanding solution.