Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things (IoT) refers to an umbrella that covers the entire network of physical devices, home appliances, vehicles and other items embedded with software, sensors, actuators, electronics, and connectivity, or we can say with an IP address (Internet Protocol), which enables these objects to connect and exchange data, which results in enhanced efficiency, accuracy and economic advantage in addition to reduced human involvement.

The Internet of Things: From connecting devices to human value

  1. Device Connection
  2. IoT Devices
  3. IoT Connectivity
  4. Embedded Intelligence
  5. Data Sensing
  6. Capture Data
  7. Sensors and tags
  8. Storage
  9. Communication
  10. Focus on Access
  11. Networks, Cloud, Edge
  12. Data Transport
  13. Data Analytics
  14. Big Data Analytics
  15. AI & Cognitive
  16. Analysis at the Edge
  17. Data Value
  18. Analysis to Action
  19. APIs and Responses
  20. Actionable Intelligence
  21. Human Value
  22. Smart Applications
  23. Stakeholders Benefits
  24. Tangible Benefits

The process of globalization has turn the whole world into a global village where everyone is interconnected and interdependent. To a large extent the development of earth will not be possible without Internet of Things. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) era brought new hope and promised a better future. The interconnection between the IoT and globalization will be the focus of the session.

  • Internet censorship
  • Internet activism
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Net neutrality
  • Cyber attack
  • Globalization and governance
  • Block chain & bitcoin
  • Global citizen have no Privacy
  • How IoT helps to feed the world

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